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Our Mission

Night Rituals Occult aims to provide ritual and spell provisions while teaching to all. Our products are all hand crafted in small batches. Made with ethically sourced, natural materials. We cater to the darker aspects of nature.

I bought a trio of your candles at the Austin Oddities event and they are hands-down the best candles I've ever bought. I love the significance behind each mixture, and my wife and I have treasured them. I'm excited to be able to reorder some! 

-Jenny, Austin

Every item I have bought from this company has brought me so much joy and healing ❤️ I am definitely going to continue to buy more things for some pure self love!

-Adam, Indianapolis

Everything looked and smelled so good! So much thought goes into every single product they offer. The owners obviously put a lot of care and work into everything.

-Brad, Indianapolis

I have been working online for a few hours with the luck bag under my computer and I got a lucky payday!

Trust in this magic

-Chelsea, Indianapolis

WOW! That’s all I can say. I am so pleased with this purchase. The personal note made my day. I appreciate the wonderful energy you guys sent my way. Will continue purchasing from you guys!! BLESSED BE AND MUCH LOVE

-Katrina, Phoenix


View our upcoming in person events and shows for 2022! We will be adding new shows each month!

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