Who We Are

“Good Health,
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The Magic is not from the tools we use, but from deep inside of each of us. Our tools help to enhance what is already present.


Regina and Grimm
[Photo by Greg Andrews of Indy]
February 8 "The Day of Precognition" 


Born in a rural community in the foothills of the Appalachia's to a long lineage of farmers and Earth cultivators from both her maternal and paternal sides. From her first steps, her feet were always planted in the soil. Growing up both parents said she was wise beyond her years. Taking care of all plants and animals on their farm, dancing by the moon and buried in nature and ancient mythology books.

She was taught which crystals held what meaning. Which flowers were said to inhibit a certain property. How to wield the power of intention. Her foremothers were floral farmers that grew life unseen to parts of North Alabama. She was taught how to care for and harvest each flower, tree, vegetable and fruit plant. 

Her mom taught her to love, live on the wind, to create beauty and to read the stars. Giving her, her very first and favorite moon shaped necklace at 11. Pure Moonstone, she carried it most of her life. Her father taught her music, to care for your community and fight for what is right in the world. Both sides giving her a heart and drive to add magic to the world. Her Grandmother, great grandmother and mother all passing down their maternal beauty and knowledge for both the unseen and the seen.

The magnificent flower farm she spent half of her life on is still in her family. Though most flowers, peacocks and goats are now gone. She carries this knowledge instilled in her to Night Rituals Occult. She uses the generations of cultivated perfection to create each item. Each item telling a story, a piece of her lineage handed down to her. For you to take home and enjoy.


Regina has now been a practicing witch for over 19 years. Each passing year learning and growing as a business owner and witch. A witches job is to constantly learn and grow, just as the wheel of the year directs nature. Outward and inward growing seasons, so is the witch. Come on this journey with me and lets learn and grow together...

All pictures taken by various members of my family on our farm, given to me after my moms passing into the veil.