Who We Are

“Good Health,
& Wealth,

When we think “occult” or “new age” shops we think of brightly lit shops with world music softly playing in the background. Thousands of stones to choose from. Dozens of scents of incense lingering in the air. The idea for a true Occult shop came to inspiration for the darker and more natural side of the metaphysical and spiritual. This shop was founded for everyone, of any religion or spirituality to practice as they see fit. We supply the tools and suggestions for use- you use as you please. We appeal to beginners and advanced users from all walks of their journey.

The Magic is not from the tools we use, but from deep inside of each of us. Our tools help to enhance what is already present.


Regina and Grimm
[Photo by Greg Andrews of Indy]
Regina(owner): Aquarius: February 8 "The Day of Precognition" 
From a young age she has had a natural talent for all things 'weird'. Born and raised in the North Alabama area of Huntsville, she spent most of her childhood outside connecting with the elements. Her first love was the sky above, the wind blowing next to her and the ground under her feet. She spent most of her time on her great grandparents farm learning how to care for plants, flowers, trees, animals and crops from around the world. "Green Thumbs run deep in our genetics" her great grandmother said. She spent her nights reading books on the occult and herbal remedies. She always heard her maternal influences speaking of "old wives tales". With a love of night, the moon and all things odd she hopes to help others with their journey. 
Regina is still constantly expanding her knowledge of the occult and the history of the world. She is excited to help aid you on your journey by supplying you with tools, information and an environment to truly be yourself. She does not claim to be an expert in the field, but does claim to be a forever student. She has been in her practice for over 17 years.