I don’t know how to use my items:

     Not to worry! Our tea’s, cauldron kits, spell kits and smudging kits come with a “suggested use “ card. Remember: this is a SUGGESTED USE. Please use how YOU feel appeals to you.

I am not a “witch” can I still use these items:

     Yes! Our items are not religious/ spiritual specific. Anyone of any religion can use how they see fit.

I ordered a “custom candle” when can I expect it:

     Once you have placed your order (and paid) for your candle please email nightritualsoccult@gmail.com with the title CUSTOM CANDLE and within the email state what you wish to accomplish. Once she has responded it will take about 48 hours to make and let set. She will email you when it has been shipped. Shipping can take anywhere from 3-5 days pending the USPS.

I am new to this stuff and don’t know what I am doing:

     You are not alone! People frequently ask for our help in their journey and for advice. Please visit our Instagram where we share daily/weekly tips, tricks and how tos! @NightRitualsOccult

My spell did not work:

     You have to remember a few things: our products (although magical) are not the power behind the spell- you are. We provide the tools to complete the spell work and enhance what is already present. Also, some spell’s take weeks if not months to take effect. Some spells you have to keep at persistently. This is not a “one time fixes all”.

We love your products and want to sell them in our store:

     YES! We would love to talk with you more about this! Please visit our Faire page:  https://nightritualsoccult.faire.com

Payment, order, refund or technical troubles:

     If you experience any troubles with order, shipping, technical or refunds please email nightritualsoccult@gmail.com for help! We are here to help all of our customers.



     Tea’s, herbal blends and ritual baths will NOT be refunded or exchanged. Each situation is different and refunds/ exchanges will be given on a situational basis for UNLIT spell candles, UNUSED spell kits/ smudging kits. WE WILL NOT refund/ exchange because “the spell didn’t work”. We provide the tools used to enhance what is already present within each of us. The rest is up to you. Please email nightritualsoccult@gmail.com for refund questions.